Staying Motivated.

Staying Motivated.

Using the Bullet method to your Advantage

Ever since the pandemic hit in 2020, staying at home suddenly became a norm for most of us. Sounds pretty chill right? Well, if you look from a broader perspective, a lot of us struggle to adapt to the change around us because it's almost easy to take our day to day activities for granted. I'm assuming you read the title for this blog. Yep ! It's definitely one of those inspirational Pinterest ideas that you might probably get or maybe even those self-help gurus you watch on Youtube. However, this one come with a twist: Bullet journal becomes your motivational tool guide.


So what exactly is motivation? I used to think that Motivation is a driving force that allows individuals to work towards a goal. I recently read a blog post by TheRadGroup. The blog has given me more insight than the actual definition of the word itself! If you are interested in understanding more about how Motivation is actually linked to many other sub-topics, I will leave it in the description below.

"How Context Impacts Your Motivation."

Bullet journal spreads

You have probably heard the word spread at least once. I usually use these spreads to outline my weekly habits and progress. I've gathered a list of spreads to help cope with little motivation.


I actually use these to help me craft new creative ideas for my art works. It also serves as a tool to help visualise smaller topics.

The illustration above depicting a January prompt list.

Very interesting isn't? These are usually used in the context of writing/Creating art works. I have never actually tried applying this concept into my to-Do list. Maybe, it's time to improvise a bit.

Weekly Logs

I usually use these type of logs to help me track multiple projects and my day to day activities outside of school. It is pretty useful if you know how to use them to your advantage

A good example of how to track progress using a weekly log.

You can start a weekly log using table diagram. I usually start with 5 by 4 column chart. I start with just the Date, Description, Project , Time (Hrs) and Notes. From there, I start filling in any occurences during the day even if it includes eating and working from home.

Alright, these are all I have for you folks.

Thanks for reading.