Incorporating SMO Strategy within a Broadcasting Network"

Incorporating SMO Strategy within a Broadcasting Network"
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"Have you ever found yourself envy-stricken while scrolling through your preferred social media platforms, awestruck by flawlessly crafted accounts that effortlessly seize your attention?" What if I told you that behind the allure of those eye-catching posts lies a foundation built on logic and strategy—a meticulously crafted Social Media Optimisation (SMO) template, carefully developed through thoughtful long-term planning and diligent execution?

As you now venture into the world of strategic social media optimisation, you'll find yourself quantifying success with two key variables: the frequency of posts per week and a metric analysis of your social media performance. It's not just about magic anymore; it's about decoding the science behind a thriving online presence.

SMO stands for social media optimisation. The process of increasing visibility and engagement to the algorithm
using notion to build a social media schedule.

When it comes to being a content creator, having a streamlined strategy to increase engagement is a must. Understanding the platform's metric analysis and algorithm can provide useful information.

As a social media user, I haven't given enough thought on studying the platform because I thought having more volume (posts) would equate to better engagement. However, this flawed analogy showed that social media prioritises content that follow a certain niche/category and continually boosts posts that have remained consistent throughout.

Research on Algorithm

Each social media platform has its own algorithm that determines when my posts are shown to my followers. For example, on Instagram, the algorithm considers factors like the time of day, how often I post, and the engagement my posts receive. If I post during peak times when most of my followers are active, my content is more likely to appear on their feeds and receive higher engagement.

I use lemon which is the sister app of TikTok. I had to research on the app since it is relatively newer unlike its other competitors like Pinterest, Instagram and 小红书 (Xiao Hong Shu). Personally I felt that Lemon 8 has a long way to establish itself properly. Hence, I've decided to commit to posting at least 2x a week.

Countdown (days)

Did I mention that the timing of the post has an effect on the engagement level? Yes, that's right! There are several factors and the most obvious would be audience availability. Make sure to include a pre-scheduled countdown in your plan so as to inform you on when a post has been released.

Renamed 'Formula' to 'Countdown'. This property helps me track the number of days before the 'Due Date'

Direct a Channel to your website

You know, my dad once compared social media to having your very own broadcasting station, and it really stuck with me. I remember one time when I posted a photo of my latest art project on Instagram. At first, I didn't think much of it, just sharing something I was proud of with my friends. But then, something unexpected happened. That photo started getting likes and comments from people I didn't even know!

Profile on Lemon 8. Made sure to direct traffic to my website.

In that moment, I realised the power of leveraging social media to direct people towards something meaningful to me: my website, NewDayForMe (NDFM). It's more than just a personal blog; it's a platform where I share insights on productivity, mindfulness, and personal growth – topics close to my heart.

I've had people click through to NDFM, eager to delve deeper into the content I'm passionate about. It's a small gesture, but it's incredibly rewarding to see the impact it can have.

Analytics, Dashboard & Feedback loop

Apart on just relying on the algorithm itself, it's worth noting that every social media platform has a 'Analytics Dashboard' where it indicates the amount of traffic to your site; views, likes, saves and comments.

Recent impression of my posts and profile on lemon 8

These are what determines the engagement level of your post, reels and stories. Depending on the kind of content that you're trying to put out, having a feedback loop is a huge and understated part of the content building world.

Moreover, analytics dashboards facilitate a continuous feedback loop in the content building process. By regularly monitoring and analysing key metrics, content creators can iteratively refine their approach, experiment with new ideas, and optimise their content for maximum impact.


As I continue to carve my path in this dynamic realm of social media, I'm reminded that SMO is more than just a strategy—it's a personal journey of growth and discovery. It's about sharing my passions, amplifying my voice, and fostering a community that resonates with the authenticity of my story.

So, whether you're a fellow creator, entrepreneur, or simply someone navigating the digital landscape, I invite you to join me on this journey of exploration and connection. Together, let's unlock the full potential of our broadcasting networks and make our voices heard in the ever-evolving chorus of social media.