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    Because in the late 1800s women had to do everything in the house. Oh, well, thanks, she sweetly replied before she sat down.
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  • We might have just changed the course of human history.

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  • He lifted her and carried her to the couch that Celeste had occupied only days before, gently laid her down, then stood up and without a backward glance left the room to quench his thirst.

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    If the man touched her intimately in any way, he ll take care of him. He stepped closer to her, drawing so near that she could see the faint glow of lamplight from inside the coach alight against his eyes, winking beneath the shadow of his hat brim.
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    Linda didn t miss the gentle and affectionate way he handled Elsa and knew that he was genuine in his feelings toward her. It certainly didn t take much for his will to crumble.
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  • Concealing her camera back in her handbag, she carefully made her way down the vine and landed with ease on the soft grass thanking her aerobics instructor silently for the fit body she had.
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  • He could feel her frustration and surprise, Are you angry? Michael staggered back in terror, his mouth gaped open, What the hell!

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    He does need me to take over his reign some day. Kenley looked down at her, the smile she had only moments ago found engaging now rendering her incensed.

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  • Every Saturday she came to town to ride the stupid train only to remain in 1898, and this last run through was the final straw.

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    She placed her hands on her hips and looked up at him. Ted really wanted to be alone with Elsa, even if it was in a crowded bar.

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  • He could teach her, help her understand his world so they could be content together. Buddy jumped up from the porch step and ran over to him.
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    Finally, one of the men said, That s their job. All right Lucas, but can you tell me if there is any feeling left for me?

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      The dog raced down the porch steps and bolted to the field.

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      Usually he liked to enjoy life the way they were, but unlike that group he didn t intend to enjoy himself tonight. We came out here to build a home and to farm, but he got sick our first winter here.

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